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Credit Card for Bad Credit

There are numerous types of credit cards available, each offering a different package to prospective clients. The giants in the field of credit cards are MasterCard and Visa with their cards being accepted in most countries and retail outlets. These companies offer basically the same benefits to their clients.

If you have a poor credit rating you are considered a liability by credit card companies. This means it will not be so easy for you to obtain a credit card and the interest charged on a bad credit credit-card will be astronomically high. Bad credit cards allow you to obtain a credit card while you have a poor credit rating.

There are several reasons you would want to apply for a bad credit card. Firstly, the Credit Card Company or bank will still make money from you, so although you are a liability, they still show a profit. The benefits for you as the consumer are that a bad credit card allows you to purchase plane tickets, make hotel bookings and rent a car. Most businesses do not want to accept cheques anymore and when you pay with a debit card, they will hold double the amount of the hotel bill or rental price back until a few days after you have concluded your business with them.

You can use a bad credit credit card to your advantage and use this card to rebuild your negative credit rating. This is an important factor for as long as you carry a bad credit rating you will be penalised by businesses. Bad credit credit cards will help you to re-establish a consistent payment record and as long as you pay the minimum payment of the bad credit credit card each month, you will be increasing your credit rating with each payment. You must restrict your credit card purchases to the absolute minimum and NEVER miss a payment. You will never have to pay any interest if you only purchase what you absolutely can afford and pay the amount in full before the statement arrives. This way you avoid the extremely high interest rate attached to a bad credit credit card and you make the card work for you.

There is another form of bad credit credit cards available; the prepaid credit card or secured credit card. With this card you pay an amount to establish a balance, you then use this card like you would a debit card. This will curb you from overspending and it benefits you in rebuilding your credit rating.

These credit cards mean that you do not have to put up any property as security when you apply for a bad credit credit card. This also gives you a second chance to turn your bad credit rating into a positive one and while you are doing this you have the added benefits of using your bad credit credit card for travelling purposes. So do your research for the best bad credit credit card available, as you do not want to randomly apply, for to be turned down means an extra negative rating on your already bad credit profile.

Credit in Minutes Tip #1
Stay on top of your credit report. Most credit reports contain errors. Make sure you check your credit report every year (you get one free credit report every twelve months) and if there are errors make sure to challenge them with the reporting credit agency. Credit agencies are required to investigate each and every challenge that gets reported.

Credit in Minutes Tip #2
Just because you qualify for all of those credit cards does not mean you should get them. A person with too many credit cards looks sketchy in the eyes of a potential creditor. Think of it this way: if a person is financially stable does he or she need ten different credit cards? Wouldn’t just one or two suffice?

Credit in Minutes Tip #3
The best way to raise your credit score is to make all of your payments on time. It sounds too simple to be true, but that’s all there really is to it. Staying out of debt and/or making all of your debt payments on time will keep your score up where it should be.

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